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Everday Math 4 Grade 5
Unit 1 Area and Volume
Homework Links and Help (Print homework, get hints and selected answers.)
Home Links Unit 1
Illuminations Solids
Isometric Drawing Tools
Capacity and Weight
Volume and Surface Area

Bathroom Tiles


1-1 Introduction to the Student Reference Book
Everyday Math 4
1-2 Area of a Rectangle Part 1
Areas of Rectangles Video   Areas of Rectangles Practice
1-3 Quilt Area
1-4 Area of a Rectangle Part 2

Surface Area Video              Surface Area Practice
1-5 Introduction to Volume
Volume Video                       Volume Practice
1-6 Exploring Nonstandard Volume Units
1-7 Measuring Volume by Counting Cubes
1-8 Measuring Volume by Iterating Layers
1-9 Two Formulas for Volume

Volume of Rectangular Prisms Video      Volume of Rectangular Prisms Practice
1-10 Visualizing Volume Units
1-11 Volume Explorations
1-12 Playing Prism Pile-up
Prism Pile Up
1-13 Review

Unit 2   Whole Number Place Value and Operations
Homework Links and Help (Print homework, get hints and selected answers.)
Home Links Unit 2
Baseball Math for One
Baseball Math for Two
Mathcar Tic Tac Toe

One False Move

AAAMath Place Value - 6 digits
2-1 Understanding Place Value
2-2 Exponents and Powers of 10
Exponents     Power of 10
2-3 Applying Powers of 10
2-4 U.S. Traditional Multiplication Part 1
US Traditional Multiplication
Traditional multiplication
2-5 U.S. Traditional Multiplication Part 2
Estimating and Rounding    Estimating and Rounding 2
2-6 Application: Unit Conversion
2-7 U.S. Traditional Multiplication Part 3
2-8 U.S. Traditional Multiplication Part 4
2-9 One Million Taps
2-10 A Mental Division Strategy

2-11 Reviewing Partial Quotient Division 
Partial Quotient Division Partial Quotient 2

2-12 Strategies for Choosing Partial Quotients
Partial Quotient Division  Partial Quotient 2
2-13 Interpreting the Remainder
Interpreting the Remainder Cartoon
Interpreting Remainder
Interpreting the Remainder 2

2-14 Unit 2 Review

Unit 3 Fraction Concepts, Addition and Subtraction
Homework Links and Help (Print homework, get hints and selected answers.)
Home Links Unit 3
3-1 Connecting Fractions and Division Part 1
Fraction Review Parts of a Whole
3-2 Connecting Fractions and Division Part 2
3-3 Application: Interpreting Remainders
3-4 Fractions on a Number Line
Comparing and ordering fractions   Ordering fractions practice
Measuring with a ruler
3-5 Game strategies
3-6 Fraction Estimation With Number Sense
3-7 Fraction Estimation With Bench Marks
3-8 Renaming Fractions and Mixed Numbers
Converting improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers  
Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions

3-9 Introduction to Adding and Subtracting Fractions
3-10 Exploring Addition of Fractions with unlike Denominator
3-11 Playing Fraction Capture
3-12 Solving Fraction Number Stories
3-13 Fraction-Of Problems Part 1
3-14 Fraction-Of Problems Part 2
3-15 Review

Unit 4 Decimal Concepts: Coordinate Grids
Homework Links and Help (Print homework, get hints and selected answers.)
Home Links Unit 4
Grid Game

4-1 Decimal Place Value
4-2 Representing Decimals Through Thousandths
4-3 Representing Decimals in Expanded Form
4-4 Comparing and Ordering Decimals
4-5 Rounding Decimals
4-6 Introduction to the Coordinate System
Plotting Points on a Coordinate Plane Video          Plotting Points Practice
4-7 Playing Hidden Treasure
Hidden Treasures
4-8 Solving Problems on a Coordinate Grid Part 1
 Plotting Word Problems Video                      Plotting Word Problems Practice 
4-9 Solving Problems on a Coordinate Grid Part 2
4-10 Folder Art
4-11 Addition and Subtraction of Decimals with Hundredths Grid
4-12 Decimal Addition Algorithms
Decimal Addition
4-13 Decimal Subtraction Algorithms
Decimal Subtraction
4-14 Addition and Subtraction of Money
4-15 Review

Unit 5 Operations with Fractions
Soccer Shootout
Fresh Baked Fractions
Interactive Fraction bars
Penguin Waiter
Rounding Off
Saloon Snap
Pie Graph

The Product Game
The Factor Game

Homework Links and Help (Print homework, get hints and selected answers.
Home Links Unit 5
Fraction Attention Getter
Fraction Music Video   Fraction Frozen
Soccer Shootout
Fresh Baked Fractions
Interactive Fraction bars
Penguin Waiter
Rounding Off
Saloon Snap
Pie Graph

5-1 Using Equivalent Fractions to Find Common Denominators  Lesson 1
2 Rules for Equivelant Fractions                     Equivalent Fraction Recipe  
Equivalent Fractions & the Fraction Stick Chart 

5-2 More Strategies for Finding Common Denominators Lesson 2
Lowest Common Denominator
Comparing and Ordering Fractions  Comparing and Ordering Fractions 
 Finding Factors Video        Factor Practice
5-3  Addition of Fractions and Mixed Numbers Lesson 3
Mixed Numbers 2                   Adding Mixed Numbers
Adding and subtracting mixed numbers with like denominators practice

5-4 Subtraction of Fractions and Mixed Numbers
Subtracting mixed numbers             Subtracting mixed numbers 2
Adding and subtracting mixed numbers with unlike denominators practice
5-5 Connecting Fraction-of Problems to Multiplication
Multiplying positive fractions practice
5-6 Multiplication of Fractions and Whole Numbers
 Multiplying fractions and whole numbers
Visually understanding multiplying fractions and whole numbers

Multiplying fractions by whole numbers 
 Multiplying fractions by whole numbers practice

5-7 Fractions of Fractions
Multiplying two fractions: example
Understanding multiplying fractions by fractions Practice

5-8 Area Models for Fraction Multiplication
Multiplying mixed numbers     Multiplying mixed numbers practice
Multiplying Whole Numbers and Fractions 
Understanding multiplying fractions and whole numbers Practice

5-9 Understanding an Algorithm for Fraction Multiplication
5-10 Sharing Breakfast
5-11 Explaining the Equivalent Fractions Rule
5-12 Fraction Multiplication Number Stories
Word Problems
5-13 Fraction Division Part 1
Dividing Fractions by Fractions
Dividing Fractions by Fractions Practice

5-14 Fraction Division Part 2
Dividing Fractions by Whole Numbers Practice
Unit 5 Review
Unit 5 Review      Fraction Jeopardy

Unit 6 Investigations in Measurement: Decimal Multiplication and Division

Homework Links and Help (Print homework, get hints and selected answers.)
Study Links-Homework Help
Powers of Tenvideo clip
Basket Math
Guess a Number
Line Jumper

Planet Hop

Build a Box - Volume

6-1 Multiplying and Dividing Decimals by Powers of 10
6-2 Playing Exponent Ball
Exponent Ball
6-3 Application: Converting Measurements in the Metric Sys.
Unit Conversion Video                           Converting units Practice
6-4 Line Plots
6-6 Applying Volume Concepts
6-7 Measuring Volume by Displacement
6-8 Estimating Decimal Products and Quotients
6-9 Multiplication of Decimals
Multiplication of Decimals   Multiplication of Decimals 2
6-10 Fundraising
6-11 Division of Decimals by Whole Numbers
6-12 Division of Decimals by Decimals
6-13 Application: Estimating Your Reaction Time
6-14 Review

Unit 7 Multiplication of Mixed Numbers; Geometry; Graphs
Homework Links and Help (Print homework, get hints and selected answers.)
Home Links Unit 7
Solids and Their Properties
Bathroom Tiles
Isometric Drawing Tools

Shape Surveyor

7-1 Multiplication of Mixed Numbers Part 1
7-2 Multiplication of Mixed Numbers Part 2
7-3 Rectangles with Fractional Side Lengths
7-4 Using Common Denominators for Fraction Division
7-5 A Hierarchy of Triangles
Area of Triangles Practice
7-6 A Hierarchy of Quadrilaterals
 Area of a parallelogram Video                      Area of a parallelogram Practice
7-7 Playing Property Pandemonium
Property Pandemonium   
7-8 A Hierarchy of Polygons
7-9 Collecting and Using Fractional Data
7-10 Identifying and Visualizing Patterns
7-11 Rules, Tables, and Graphs Part 1
Rates and Rate Tables            Reading Graphs
7-12 Rules, Tables, and Graphs Part 2
Rules, Tables and Graphs 2   Line Plots
7-13 Old Faithful's Next Eruption
Old Faithful
7-14 Review

Unit 8 Applications of Measurement: Computation and Graphing
Homework Links and Help (Print homework, get hints and selected answers.)
Home Links Unit 8
8-1 Planning and Athletic Center
8-2 Applying the Rectangle Method for Area
 Rectangle Method for Finding Area Video
8-3 Planning an Aquarium
8-4 A Treasure Hunt
8-5 Spending $1,000,000
8-6 Earning $1,000,000
8-7 Paying off the National Debt
8-8 A Footstep Problem
8-9 Finding your Heartrate
8-10 Finding your Cardiac Output
8-11 Pendulums Part 1
8-12 Pendulums Part 2
8-13 Unit 8 Review

10-1 Pan Balance
10-2Pan Balance 2
10-3 Algebraic Expression
10-8 Circumference
10-9 Area of a circle

1-2 Rectangular Arrays
1-4 Factor Captor
1-5 Divisibility Practice
1-6 Prime and Composite Numbers
1-6 Prime Practice    Composite Practice
1-7 Square Numbers
1-8 Unsquaring Numbers
1-9 Factor Strings and Prime Factorization
2-1 Estimation
2-2 Decimal Song 

2-4 Solving Word Problems BUCK
2-6 Chance Events  Chance Events 2
2-9 Lattice Multiplication
2-10 Comparing millions, Billions, & Trillions

5-7 Fractions to Decimals to Percents   Renaming Fractions as Decimals   Converting fractions to percents
5-8 Using a Calculator to find Percent Fractions to Decimals using a Calculator
5-9 Bar and Circle Graphs  Bar and Circle Graphs
5-10 Using the Percent Circle
5-11 Using Percent Circle to Make Circle Graph
Fraction Notation for Division
Fractions and Decimals 1 Rounding Decimals
3-1 American Tour   American Tour Part 2
3-2 AT: Population Data
3-3 Exploring Angle Measures   Exploring Angle Measures 2
3-4  Using a Protractor   Using a Protractor 2
3-5 Using a Compass
3-6 Congruent Triangles   Congruent Triangles 2
3-7 Properties of Polygons   Properties of Polygons 2
3-8 Regular Tessellations   Tessellation Activity
3-9 Angles of Polygons
Stem and Leaf Plot
Line Plots

Reducing Fractions to Simplest Form
Unit 6 Videos
Division Facts and Extensions

4-3 Finding Distance on a Map  Finding Distances 2

4-5 Division of Decimals
Decimal Rap     

Parenthesis in Equations
Scientific Notation
Order of Operations
Line Graphs
< > with Fractions
<> with decimals
Fractions to Decimals
Negative Numbers
Negative Numbers
+ - Negative Numbers

Unit 7 Review